Monday, March 2, 2020

Welcome March - You Lucky Month!

Daffodil Days are here.  How sunny and lovely!

Important dates in March:

March 2: Did you know today is Dr. Suess's Birthday?? Happy Birthday to Dr. Suess!  If you are looking for Dr. Suess related activities, visit this site or your local library for fun ideas to keep your little ones busy.

March 5 (personal): Carl, Jr.'s 21st birthday.  Happy BD!!

March 8: Daylight Savings Time begins.  Spring forward one hour. 

Wearin' of the green is Sunday, March 17th.  We will be making a pot of gold cookies (recipe to come) with the kiddies.

March 19 celebrates the first day of Spring! 

Get your spring cleaning lists in order. Did you know there is a National Cleaning Week??? This year it begins the fourth Sunday of March - March 29th.  Time to put away the winter clothes, sweep out the cobwebs and plant a few seeds indoors.

Looking forward to a busy and "lucky" month,


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