Friday, February 28, 2020

Today I Will...

Amelia's cover girl look.  Yes, she does her own make-up.
No list yesterday.  Too hectic a day at the office and the evening was spent at an animal hospital with Tails, our cat.  We thought he may have broken his front leg, but it turns out he has an abscess from a bite (he is a fighter).  He came home wearing the cone of shame which the children loved as they have been watching UP on repeat. 

If I had made a list yesterday, it would have included paying a mountain of bills and putting out the trash, which I did.  It also would have included a load of laundry and cleaning the kitchen.  Neither of which I did.

Today's list includes:
1. Load of laundry.
2. Food shopping.  We normally would do this tomorrow, but Elliot and Amelia have head/chest colds and their father is home today, so Kayla and I are sneaking out this evening and getting that chore done.  Plus we are out of cereal and milk.
3. Hug and cuddle the kiddies.
4. Relax.

What's on your to do list?? 

Also, how do you plan to spend your "extra" day of February???? 


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