Wednesday, October 16, 2019

HAPPY BOSSES’ DAY (and 7 Tips for Being a Great Boss!)

I first published this post in 2015.  It's been modified a bit, but being it's Bosses' Day, it's still worth another read.

1.  Do not micromanage.  Once you give an assignment, trust that we will get it done.

2.  Get to know us.  We have a small staff of administrative assistants.  Get to know each of our strengths. It will be worth your time in the long run. 

3.  Be flexible. Most of us have families at home.  Unforeseen emergencies sometimes arise.   A little understanding and compassion goes a long way.  In the end, the task at hand always gets done. 

4.  Tell us you appreciate us.  Tell us how valuable we are to your business and not just once a year at our reviews.  Everyone needs to hear they are doing a good job once in a while.  It boosts morale.  Happy Employee, Happy Boss!

5.  Voice your concerns immediately.  Do not, and I mean DO NOT wait until our reviews to tell us we did something wrong, or you don’t like the way we do something, or anything negative for that matter.  For me, and I let my people know up front, you tell me the moment I do something you do not like, or are having trouble with, whatever, DO NOT wait until the yearly review when nothing can be done about it.  That harbors resentment and sets a negative tone for the upcoming year.

6.  Listen to us.  We see and hear what goes on every day.  We may have a great idea or insight on how to fix a problem, boost morale, make the wheels turn smoother, that you can use.  It won’t hurt to listen.  

7.  Treat us as your equals.  This is not a hierarchy.  We are people, too. Smile, say hi, be nice.

So, those are my tips and I must say that I love my job and the firm I am employed by.  I’ve been here for eighteen years now and that says something.

Enjoy your day!

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