Monday, October 14, 2019

Countdown to Halloween, Week 3

Okay, it’s that time again.  Time to get your planner, and review last week’s list.  (You can see Week 2 Halloween).

By now your calendar should be filled with fun things to do.  Especially this time of year.  In fact, you may have already done some of the activities that you booked in your planner.  We are looking forward to the Heritage Day Festival, and going to the movies to see The Addams Family.  Also on our list is a trip to visit Schramm Farms & Orchards to buy pumpkins, race through the corn maze and go for a hayride.  The adult children will be attending Phantom Fright Night at Kennywood Park, and the little ones will attend Zoo Boo.   And then there's our own Halloween Party, and trick or treating. Whew!

Getting ready:

1.       Your party invites should be mailed by now.  Are they?? 

Shopping and Cooking
2.                  With the menu finalized, finish shopping for your nonperishables.  Also, begin making and baking any food items that can be frozen ahead of time, such as chili, casseroles, sugar cookies, etc.

Think Decorations

3.                 Finish buying or making any decorations and begin adorning your home.  One year I crocheted a spider web using this Red Heart pattern.  We will be using it again.  

Think Costumes
4.                 Is your costume bought (or made)?  To prevent last minute anxiety of what to dress up as, decide this week and buy/make your costume.  This year, Elliot chose Forky (from Toy Story 4) and Amelia chose The Hulk.  The baby, Emmie, will be a little lamb. . . I think.  I am going to be a fortune teller and Kayla will be creating my costume again this year. 

Think Favors
5.                Are you making or buying favors (or a little of both)?  Put together your little goodie bags and hide from the kiddies.  (But don’t forget where you’ve hid them…). 

Don’t Forget the Table
6.                 With your theme in mind, purchase the paper plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, plastic ware.  The Dollar Store is a great place to start.  But don’t wait too long as they tend to sell out fast of the seasonal goodies.

The Housecleaning
7.                This week, begin cleaning (and decorating) the dining room and living/family rooms.  Give the foyer/entry areas a once-over.  

In our house, Kayla has begun decorating. . . and playing Halloween tricks! 



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