Thursday, January 10, 2019

One LIttle Word

I chose HABIT to be my word for 2019.  A few months ago, I had picked up this awesome book at our local B&N store. It is called 100 Life Challenges and it is published by Piccadilly.

I have chosen three challenges to begin 2019 with.  Two easy and one, a real challenge, and that is to drink water EVERYDAY!  To make it worse, the challenge is to drink half your weight in water!!!! I’ll drown.  However, I have read about the properties of water and I KNOW that I need to drink more than 8 oz. a day.  I’m on board (no pun attended).  I am now up to 16 oz. a day.  Sad…but true.  BUT I am working on it!!

The other two are: 1) crochet for 15 minutes every day (the easiest by far as I have a list of projects for 2019); and 2) donate one item every day.  The first thing I did was schedule a pick-up, then I started a donation bag.  Then I started watching Tidying Up With MarieKondo on Netflix for tips and inspiration.  Then I started cleaning the bedroom that will soon be Elliot’s own private haven.  It’s looking great already. 

My attitude today is “Bring It!” 

Did you pick a word for 2019? Are you into challenges?

What changes are you ready to make this New Year??

Cheers to a New Year,


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