Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Our November 2018 To Do List


1.   Keep a gratitude journal
2.   Rake Leaves
3.   Make Butternut Squash Soup – share with family & friends
4.   Crochet a scarf
5.   Bake a pie
6.   Send Happy Thanksgiving Day cards
7.   Watch Thanksgiving themed movies
8.   Make acorn art with the kiddies
9.   Celebrate November birthdays
10.   Read a book
11.   Buy Indian corn and gourds – make a centerpiece
12.   Make homemade cranberry sauce
13.   Start shopping for gifts!
14.   Go for a walk around the neighborhood
15.   Relax, Enjoy, Be Thankful!

Already celebrated a birthday this past Saturday.  Will be checking these off.

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