Thursday, October 4, 2018




Are you in?  Grab your planner or a notebook, it’s time to countdown to Halloween 2018!   

This year Halloween falls on a Wednesday. Our Borough usually celebrates on the exact day so I will be rushing home from work to help with costumes, and filling bowls with candy. 
This week will be the busiest in the planning stage, so let’s get started.

1. Begin thinking about what Halloween events you will be attending this year.  Mark them on your calendar.  We always go pumpkinpicking and to Zoo Boo. K and friends usually attend The Zombie Fest, but the Fest is taking this year off so...  And of course, there is our annual Halloween Party and Trick or Treating.   Fill up that calendar for fun things to do.

2. If you are hosting a Halloween Party:

Choose your time and date: Pick your date far enough in advance so that invites can be mailed at least two weeks before the party.

Write out the Guest List:   Once you have your guest list written, decide if you are making or purchasing the invites.  If making, gather your supplies and get busy. 

Pick a Theme: This party is actually hosted by my Granddaughter, Kayla.  I just provide a little monetary donation and help with the cooking and cleaning.  This year’s theme is Hocus Pocus

Make the Menu: Now is a good time to decide on what you will serve so that you can begin picking up ingredients and maybe even cooking and freezing a few of the dishes.  I personally love reading cookbooks and writing out menus.  However, Kayla is hosting this little shindig, so we will be collaborating.  I’ll choose the “real” food menu and she will choose all the gory edibles.

The Decoration List: Making or buying decorations? Go down to the basement or up to the attic, pull out those boxes, throw away the torn or broken (or mend them), choose those items that match your decorating theme.  Make a list of what you have, what you may need to buy or what you will make.

Let’s Play: Will you play games, tell spooky stories, have a coloring contest?? We do two things every year.  Bob for apples and have a doughnut eating contest.  The doughnuts (sugar and/or frosted – messy is more fun), are tied to crochet thread and hung at different lengths from the ceiling.  The players MUST keep their hands behind their backs as they try to eat these swinging doughnuts.  The first person to eat all theirs is the winner.  OMGosh! Talk about fun to watch!!!

The Treat Bags: Everyone loves a goodie.  Visit the Dollar Store, Walmart and/or Target One Dollar Stop for Halloween themed favors.  Tie them up in a treat bag or box.

3. The Housecleaning (no escaping that even if you dress as Houdini):  Spend the first two weeks cleaning the bedrooms, the front and back porches (don’t forget to wipe down windows) and the yard(s) (we’ll be raking).  This is a good time to winterize the porches and get the yards ready for the winter storms to come.

Now, to begin. . . 

You can download a checklist of the above here.  Actually, I really do use this list every year, it's tradition. 



  1. Never had a Halloween party- but had a buddy who ran one (outdoors) from 8 PM to 2 AM. (The police always closed the party down.) But, I always took my kids to two different blocks where the residents were really into Halloween- they hid in trees, trunks, bushes- and accosted the kids in costumes as they attempted to get a treat.

    1. Your friend's party sounds much more fun than ours (police and all!). This not my favorite holiday, but most of my family LOVES it, so I do my best. When we were young, my Dad would do up the yard and people would come from all over just to see it.

  2. We choose to focus our energy on Thanksgiving this time of year, so I "translated" your planning ideas into all the areas where we can "do" Thanksgiving! I did laugh, though, at the housecleaning point. Yes. We never escape that! ;-) (sigh)

    1. I enjoy Thanksgiving more, too. I'm just surrounded with Halloween groupies.

  3. Yay for Halloween! Halloween is so much more than just a day in my house...and its more than a season as well, lol. Quite a few decorations stay up year round and I'm always doing something Halloween-related throughout the year, whether its crafting, watching Halloween movies, or simply Pinning ideas for our big Halloween party.

    1. We have a running joke with my Mom that the cobwebs she sees in July are us preparing for Halloween.