Sunday, July 1, 2018


OR why the dishes do not get done
This month I would like to:

have the basement cleaned out. . .again.  It’s not even funny how stuff accumulates down there

have the “school area” set up and ready to go

have mine and E’s rooms switched

have the dining room furniture painted, but not by me.  Hahaha, ummm, Kayla?????

finish this sweater that I have been working on for almost all of the 100 day project.  Sheesh! 

and then start a new one

spend lots of time with the kiddies

and get ALL OF THE LAUNDRY DONE.  I know it will NEVER be done, but I can’t remember what color the sorting table is.  It might be nice to know.

What's on YOUR to do list this month?

Summer lovin’

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