Tuesday, July 10, 2018

WANTED: A 6 month planner

I need to buy a six month planner twice a year.  I do.  I find that in January, I am totally obsessed with my new planner, that I spend the next five to six months entering every doctor, dentist and eye appointment, anniversary dates, birthdays, party dates, t-ball schedules, paper clip business cards and invites to pages, and tape in theater and drive-in ticket stubs.  We Moms a/k/a The 4 Generations (there are actually 5, but the youngest is too young) have sat down, pulled out our planners, and compared important dates, weddings, birthdates, etc. to make sure we are all on track.
Posh Organized Living (Andrew McMeel Publishing- So, so pretty and the perfect size
And then the sixth month rolls around and I don’t open my planner often and before you know it, it’s December and time to get a new planner.  I look back over my year and the first half is filled with to the brim evidencing every place we have visited, shopped at, was seen at, every birthday party, every appointment, every T-Ball game. It’s all there.  Proof of a fun, bustling, very busy life.  And then the last six months – nothing.  An occasional, birthdate or party invite found between Halloween and Christmas.  And it’s not like we didn’t do anything.  We did.  Really.  We vacationed, staycationed, went to the zoo, the museum, the amusement park.  Heck, we even hosted a Halloween party and an Ornament Exchange party.  But where’s the proof?

And that’s why I think I need to find a six month planner.   
From Peter Pauper Press - I LOVE this cover!
I guess I could make one, but the store bought are sooooo pretty.  There are SO many to choose from.  And size does matter.  I prefer the 6 x 8 as perfect for me as it fits my purse and goes with me everywhere.  And that's why it also has to be super sturdy.

I guess I could tear a 12 month in half and add new front and back covers to each half.  Maybe, that could work…

I don’t know.  It’s a dilemma.

Another Peter Pauper Press, I love this cover, too!
Do YOU have planner blues around the 6th month mark.  Are you totally hung up on filling your planner with tons of stuff at the beginning of the year and then find you fizzle out???

If so, what’s your go to for getting over the planner blues?????

Peace and Happiness,


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