Thursday, July 26, 2018


I recently read a very good article titled: “2 Years From Now, If You Don’t Have A Personal Brand, Nobody Is Going To Work With You”.  Written by Nicolas Cole.  You can find the article here
The Great Grandkiddies -
trying out a new playground
I really enjoyed the article and can totally relate to so much of what Nicolas says, especially about looking people up online.  I’ve been known to enter the names of my children’s dates on the criminal website (shhhh, don’t tell). And yes, one of my middle child’s date’s sister was there.  Anyway, this article got me wondering what my personal brand might be.  I’m not selling anything, I do not do public speaking, and the few times I’ve tried Instagram Story the sound hasn’t worked so you are just watching me mime, and then you are checking YOUR sound to make sure YOUR iphone / ipad / whatever, is working.  It’s just a fail.  I deleted those stories.  Right away. 
I googled (yes, yes, I did) “how do I find my personal brand”.  Wow!  There are TONS of articles on this subject.  My googling sent me to The Muse and this article, and then this (btw I am the MAVEN) and then to a cheat sheet for dummies (seriously?!) and tons of other articles.  So many so that I got bored.  Bored, boring – I guess those could be a brand?  “Gets Bored Easily” or “I Am Boring”, er, maybe, sometimes. 

Anyway, after reading quite a few articles on personal branding, answering questions and taking quizzes, here is what I know:
1.   As far as work is concerned (I am a legal assistant), I love what I do.  And I could do it anywhere (though the firm I am with now and have been for over 17 years is first rate). Give me a brief, a complaint, an answer, your hard to read handwritten notes, pages of gibberish, epitomes of drivel, and I am in typing heaven. 
2.   I am passionate about my grand and great grand-babies.  They keep me grounded, young, motivated.
3.    I have a ton of great ideas but not necessarily the income or time to fulfill each of them (but I’m working on it).
4.    I have a good sense of humor (K would say warped), but I still think we would make for a funny reality show.  Though this month it would be more of a tearjerker (somewhere here there is a gas leak – it’s been turned off, but while we wait for a fix, we have no hot water, dryer or heat (good thing its summer).  And now the cable box apparently blew itself out.  Our kitten ran away (WHY PICKLES???) and the turn signal switch in the car stopped working (only for the right turn).  Luckily, its only one right and three lefts to and from the busway.
5.   When faced with a difficult situation (like … seeparagraph 4 above), I need very little pity me time, and then I get angry or throw a temper tantrum, or break up with a great guy or just reconcile to make the very best of it.  Yes, I do have temper tantrums.  You can ask my kids.
6.   I can crochet, I love to read, learn new things, play on my I-pad, Instagram, make lists, and binge watch Netflix
7.   I love my life, my every day and mostly, I love spending time with my great and grand grand-babies and to create fun memories for them. Why, just this past month we have been visiting new-to-us playgrounds in our surrounding neighborhood.  (There are tons I didn’t know about).
After all this self-reflection, what's the grand takeaway:  I can type.  So, if you have pages of handwritten notes that need typed up – please see me.

Sunshine and happiness,

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  1. I have handwritten all my poems. Here's my new one.