Thursday, July 5, 2018

It's Raining and the Sun is Shining

Today I am back to the office and this is what greeted me on my walk to the bus.
It was stunning and a perfect arch.  It was also thundering, the sun was shining and it was raining.  Really!

I had a wonderful five days off.  However, I did not get to any of the housecleaning that I had made lists for.  We did spend alot of time in the car - going the wrong way.  I have NO sense of direction.  

And it was so HOT here.  

We did play cards and squirted each other with the garden hose (that water is COLD)!  

We had a quiet Fourth of July.  

It was ALL GOOD.  

Did you enjoy your 4th??

Peace and Happiness!


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