Tuesday, July 3, 2018


We are in the midst of a mini-holiday.  I took off yesterday and today, with tomorrow being an office being closed for the 4th.  Although I made a lovely list of all that I wanted to accomplish over the five days I was home, I haven't done any of it. . . yet (there is always tomorrow???).

First, I know many states have hotter temps than we do, but for us, it's been HOT.  

Friday night, E wanted to go to Barnes & Noble, so we did.  Then he wanted to go to Giggles and Smiles.  So he did.  We got there with little time to spare and within the 30 minutes he was there, he managed to make a friend and get invited to a birthday party at Sea Base the next day.

Saturday, as E and I are very early risers, we had breakfast at IHOPS.  Okay, I had breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon), he ordered his standard cheeseburgers and fries for breakfast.
And then we took a run out to Sam's Club for garbage bags and clothes soap and picked up more than what was on the list.  We spent the afternoon playing Phase 10 on the porch until it was time to drive out to Sea Base, which is a ONE HOUR drive from our home.

Sunday, the kids started the day off swinging.
Elliot had a T-Ball game.  He started out at first base.
The day was HOT.  The sky was a lovely blue.
He just wanted to go home.  Had a little moment out there standing under the hot sun.  Thank goodness they only play two innings.

We spent the afternoon cooling off with a slip n slide and squirting each other with the hose.  Refreshing!  (translation - that water is COLD!)
That evening found us back at another ball field, only this time for Kayla's fiance's doubleheader.
There is a playground and Elliot spent most of the games playing.
And that brings us to yesterday where we began our day at IHOPS (again). Man, I love mini-holidays!
Then Barnes and Noble.  Are you seeing a pattern here????
Back home, we did the slip n slide and kiddie pool thing.  Then migrated to the front porch to play cards.
Amelia sat in the water table.
Elliot wiped out for a good portion of the afternoon.

The thunder rolled in along with the gray clouds and the rain poured down.  Now, that was refreshing.

I thought maybe I'd get to that list today, but K has a driver's test in the a.m. and Elliot has a dentist appointment in the late afternoon and then we are going to the Drive-In.

I'm going to have to go back to the office if only to get some rest. 😀

Are you enjoying your every day????

Peace and Happiness!


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