Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Kayla and I have begun our own little coffee klatsch wherein we drive out to the Mall, drop E off at Giggles and Smiles, then head on over to B&N to enjoy our favorite brew, and peruse a handful of current magazines for ideas and inspiration.  We love this time together.  We pour over each magazine, pointing out new color combos, decor themes, the latest in fabric, and textures.  We discuss what room to paint next, what colors, what we need.  We oooh and ahhh over such inspiration, such creativity.  We dream.  

Sometimes, the kiddies want to hang with us. Kayla usually picks up the most current Flea Market Style and every other home decorating magazine.  On one recent visit, she became enamored with House Beautiful Colors For Your Home

Elliot always picks up the latest Model Railroader magazine (the obsession continues). 

Amelia comes along for the treats.

And for me, well, I’m a bona fide magazine junkie.  Yep!  Show me a lovely and colorful cover with promises to HELP me get organized, get my house cleaned in minutes, raise the most well-behaved, smartest and socially adjusted children, help me find extra funds to line my ever decreasing bank account, AND help me find more time in my schedule to … well, to read more mags, will get me EVERY time.  Some of my current faves are anything published by Stampington & Company, Project Calm and In the Moment, and the newest on the block: The Inspired Home Journal.  And I still enjoy the two magazines I grew up with -  Woman's Day and Family Circle (especially the holiday issues).

What about you?  Read any good magazines lately?  Do share.

Peace and Happiness,

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