Thursday, March 1, 2018

Welcome March (and Spring to come!)

Oh my, we have been having some lovely weather lately (rain, yes, but warmer temps – does the soul  good!).  After a rough February, we really needed the sunshine, our spirits have lifted and we are ready for long days spent outside. 

In January we chose as our main goal to “spring clean’ the house, room by room and get organized. 

We started with the kitchen and upper hallway. It’s taken the past two months to make it routine, but we are doing it.  Most important is to turn the lights out at night on a clean sink.  I much prefer waking up to a clean kitchen.  Not always easy to maintain when there are late-at-night munchers in this house.

This month, we will focus on the two bathrooms and the entry hall – especially the entry hall as that is what gets most cluttered and is the first area in the house everyone sees.  And while we are cleaning and decluttering these areas, we will be maintaining the kitchen and upper hall.  Here’s how I know – K got her learner’s permit and she will want driving privileges once she passes her test – and I have the insurance – both literally and figuratively.  She’ll want to use the car – I’ll want the house kept clean.  It’s a win-win.

We’ll begin by decluttering the bathrooms:

1. Gather up any dirty clothing, towels, washcloths and deposit in laundry room.
2. Place any items that belong in another room in an empty box or laundry basket.
3. Toss empty toilet rolls, package wrappers, empty shampoo/conditioner, bubble bath and lotion containers, etc.
4. Clean out medicine cabinets, tossing empty or expired meds and other toiletries.
5. Clean out from underneath sink.
6. Clean out linen closet.  Either toss or recycle old, thin and used towels and washcloths.

Now clean the room:

1. Spray sink, tub, toilet with cleaner and let sit. Clean and sanitize.
2. Clean mirrors, wipe and polish fixtures.
3. Dust ceiling corners and baseboards.
4. Launder curtains, shower curtains, bath mats.
5. Sweep and mop floors. 
6. Replace curtains, bath mats.  Hang clean towels.

Next, the front entry:

1. Remove items that do not belong in the hall.
2. Dust.
3. Polish mirrors, wash windows.
4. Launder curtains.
5. Clean and sanitize handrail.
6. Mop floors
7. Vacuum carpet and stairs.

Here’s to New Beginnings!


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