Monday, December 4, 2017

Countdown to Christmas, Week 6, and a gift for you

We are getting closer to the big day.  It’s nearly upon us.  Twenty-one days to Christmas Day (that's if you are counting).  If you have been following along with the Countdown, you should have a pretty good handle on your Christmas preparation.  I however, have failed my Countdown.  This is the first year in a long time that we are just NOT ready.  Our tree still needs put up and decorated.  We still have a little shopping and baking on our list. HOWEVER! We are keeping with the Christmas spirit everyday in little ways.  Eating candy canes, having breakfast with Santa, coloring winter pictures, driving the neighborhood to look at the lights, singing Christmas songs, watching the Storybots save Christmas (a few times), reading Christmas themed books and just spending quality time together. 

If you are caught up, here is what to consider this week:

1. Now that the Christmas menu has been finalized, begin purchasing everything needed except fresh produce.
2. Trim the tree.  Hang lights around the windows. Decorate.
3. Check list of gifts ordered.  Everything received?
4. Complete gift wrapping.  We wrapped the bulk of the gifts this past weekend.  Pretty much what is left is making gift card envelopes. (Purchase a roll of Scotch Kraft Postal Wrapping Paper, you can find this at Target.  Have the kiddies finger-paint designs on the paper. Dry.  Using this Mirkwood template (do not enlarge, just print the way it is), lay on your painted paper, loosely tape, and cut around the template.   Fold as indicated, slip in a gift card, if desired, decorate the outside with ribbon, sequins, buttons, glitter, etc.). 

Now for the gift.  I love subway art and so my gift to you is a colorful and cheery printable of popular Christmas movies created using a few of my favorite fonts and bright Christmasy colors.  Print on your favorite paper (glossy, matte, cardstock) and pop into an 8 x 10 standard frame for gift giving or hanging in your own home.

Download your printable here.


Merrily, Trish

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