Wednesday, October 25, 2017


This is it, and I'm late.  My apologies, we and I mean all four of us have been a bit under the weather this week. Now, onto the final week of Countdown to

By now, all of the shopping should be done, the invitations sent and the RSVP’s rolling in.  This week is basically the “finishing up” week.

Finish Up: decorating the house, making the costumes (if that applies) and putting together the treat bags.  Finish any crafts in the making.

The Housecleaning:
This week clean the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Either the day before the party or the morning of, give all areas a once-over.

The Cooking:
Besides the breads, cakes or dishes that you made and froze in advance, this week make the popcorn balls, candies and taffy apples.

Start making ice.  I fill a gallon size freezer Ziploc bag and have four trays in the waiting.

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