Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Childrens' Bucket Lists

We are planning on my daughter and her two sons spending many summer days with us this year.  In anticipation of sharing summer with the boys, I downloaded this Summer Bucket List template from Activities for Kids website.  Along with the templates, I wrote a short note about how I wanted the boys to write down what most they would like to do this summer, i.e., places to go, crafts to make, games to play, foods to eat, just anything that would “make” their summer.  I wrote that they were to sign and date their lists, doodle in the margins, color it, just have fun.

I also let them know that while we might not be able to do everything on their bucket lists, we would most certainly try to do most of them.  I also included a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  

I received their lists in the mail over the weekend.  Here are the results: 

Elliot gave his bucket list verbally - he wants to go to the beach.

We have are looking forward to the boys and Amanda staying and have lined up a trip to Kennywood and to the Zoo for their June stay.  Along with a hike, a movie and plenty of science experiments, puzzles and games.  Bring on Summer!

What's on YOUR children's bucket lists??  

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