Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This Past Weekend. . .

This past weekend – Memorial Day weekend – was fantabulous!  Yes, it rained a lot.  BUT, the weather was GOOD and the sun did eventually shine.  Starting Friday (we were permitted to leave the office at 3:00!), I couldn’t wait to get home and begin the weekend.  Kayla and Amelia set off to Doug’s house and Elliot and I played trains, cleaned the living room and went to bed early. 
Ms. Amelia

Saturday morning, Mom joined us and we had breakfast at our favorite: Eat N Park – what else?? Elliot was good as gold again this weekend.  We took him to Barnes & Noble (Waterworks). They finally replaced their Thomas the Train table, which had an all NEW track and playsets.  E had a wonderful time.  After picking up a few things at the grocery store, we headed home to get started on cleaning out the room that is now Elliot’s.  It still needs painted because it is currently Barbie pink and purple (Kayla’s childhood bedroom).  Elliot wants blue with green stripes.  Oh my.

Sunday was busier than Saturday, with Mom and I cleaning out all the leaves that accumulated under the back porch.  Then we cleaned the front porch and yard and even though it was so overcast I cut the grass in back.  And then the sun came out.  We ate dinner on the porch.  Mom left for home and Elliot went into the tub. 

Monday, Elliot’s Dad and Gramma came and took them to their home for a cookout.  I did laundry and Mom came in for lunch.  Later, the Mister brought dinner.  Elliot came home. The Pens won (we didn’t see this as we turned in early). 

Elliot and his masterpiece

There is something to be said for three day weekends.  They’re heavenly!

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