Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Treasure Hunting: The Car

Grimy change found in the car
Our car broke down on December 23, 2017.  Well, not quite “broke down” as much as the catalytic converter fell off while we were driving to the Waterfront to do some last minute Christmas shopping.  Luckily we were only a few blocks from home and although it was a VERY LOUD ride back, we made it without getting a “You Are Being a Public Nuisance” ticket. 
Wait, I have to stop here to tell you that it was most likely a Godsend that the converter had chosen to fall out of the car because unbeknownst to me, my license had expired 13 days earlier AND the registration ticket on the plate was from 2014.  Jeez!  
A quick history – our beloved Toyota Corolla was a 1997, and had only one other owner, my sister.  And a few dents from the teenagers (Niece? Nephew?) that learned to drive in this car.  And was Bright Ivy Green (actual name of the paint color).  Two things – you could never misplace this car in a crowded parking lot and 2) you could never shout obscenities from it, nor make crude hand gestures, as no one would forget this car.
Anyway, our little car sat in front of our house until the end of February (beginning March 1, tickets would be given because street cleaning was to commence).  We decided to donate the car, and in the interim, use public transportation or call my mom for a ride, and pay off our credit union loan before buying a new car.
Before we could have the car picked up, we needed to clean it out.  Ew.  It’s unbelievable the stuff that can be found under the seats!  And the pocket change -quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies.  Yuck.  These needed a good soaking.   The final sum was $5.00 and change.
I recently read somewhere something about being able to find at least 1,000 pennies lying around the house.  1,000? Or was it 100?  Can’t remember.  But it got me thinking about how much we might find lying around our house.  That and how we needed to commence with the Spring Cleaning.  If we combined Spring Cleaning with a treasure hunt, well, heck, it would be like getting paid for cleaning that room.  And that’s what we are gonna do.  Tonight – the entry hall!  Stay tuned…

Let the spring cleaning and treasure hunting commence!

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