Friday, April 21, 2017

It's a Party Month

Today could not be a prettier day (it can and it will), but for now, after bitter cold, lots of rain and an odd mix of cold/warm weather this past winter, it appears Spring has settled here in the ‘burgh.  It's our favorite kind of day. A warm sun, a cool breeze upon your face, the fresh green scent of just mowed lawns, colorful tulips in full bloom, it’s a wonderful day for being outside!
April is a month of many celebrations for us.  There’s my Dad’s birthday (also known as Pap), Cammi’s (15), Mick’s (1), Elliot’s (4) and Dylan’s (4).  And there is Easter.  One long month of partying!
We celebrated Easter with Amanda and boys spending the weekend with us.  It was a fun and wonderful time.  Lots of activity, visitors, good food, good conversation, good fun! 
Coloring Eggs
Coloring Eggs

Easter Bunny bring gift
The Easter Bunny brought Elliot a new train
Amelia, our little snuggly bunny
On Monday, we celebrated Elliot’s 4th birthday with a blow-out bash at Chuck E Cheese.  Elliot enjoyed his birthday sooooo much, that last night when he was getting ready for bed, he said he should have two birthdays.  So cute.  
Elliot's Fourth BD
Celebrating his fourth birthday with Chuck E Cheese
This weekend is Dylan’s big day.  We will be celebrating his 4th birthday at a Jump N Bounce.  Hopefully we will that is.  Elliot came down with one heck of a cold/fever/runny nose sort of thing that’s taking its time going away. 
So, besides another party (maybe), I will be doing lots of laundry, mowing the lawn and decluttering. 

What’s on your “laundry” list of things to do????

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