Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome Spring!

Today marks the first day of Spring!  Ahhhh, Spring.  Famous for Spring Cleaning - our annual celebration of welcoming spring.  It’s time to open the windows (wash them first), bring in the fresh air, expel the stale, enjoy a soft breeze, the scent of fresh cut grass, the sound of birds singing.  It’s time to sweep out the cobwebs, pack away the heavy blankets, the snowboots, the winter coats, and let the sun shine! 

This Spring season we will:
Wash the windows, launder the curtains, hose down the porches, scrub the porch furniture and create comfortable outside rooms.  We will make up the beds in cotton sheets and flowered bedspreads (I have to thank my Mom for this spring ritual; she changes her bed coverings with each season/holiday), and there is nothing more luxurious than climbing into a made up bed (at least in my opinion).  We will scrub carpets, paint a room or two, and my favorite: visit local rummage and yard sales and thrift stores for the perfect wicker basket (think catchalls for the porches), candleholders (think porches, again), and vases (for those spring blossoms).

We will visit and catch up with the neighbors.

And last but not least, we will make a list of things to do in Spring.

How will you celebrate Spring??

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