Monday, March 6, 2017

This Past Weekend...

... we shopped for groceries, filled that fridge!  K and I began Weight Watchers last Wednesday so we needed to overhaul the grocery list and fill the fridge with lots of good eats - bags of butter lettuce, containers of cottage cheese, lots of fruit, veggies and in the freezer - chicken, chicken and more chicken.  We found that Elliot likes strawberries!  E and I watched Sing.  LOVED IT!
... Mom, Elliot and I went thrifting on Saturday.  I found a fabulous, well-built, solid wooden dining chair.  Painted creamy white with a coffee pot decal.  I loved it.  Elliot found a Whack-a-Mole game and a few trucks and Mom bought a Yankee Candle Witch candle holder.  The best part of all of this is everything was 1/2 off.  So the chair only cost a whopping $8.00!!!  We are going back in a few weeks to see what "new" has been put on the floor.
...Afterward we went to B&N as that was Elliot's request.  He played at the train table, made a few friends.  Mom and I had coffees and I picked up the latest issue of Willow and Sage.
...At home we had lunch and played a few rounds of Whack-a-Mole.  Mom cleaned the kitchen, Elliot took a "purple' bath (love those fizzies) and I cleaned the bathroom.  Mom left around 4:30 and Elliot was asleep before 7.  
... Yesterday Elliot went to his Dad's house to celebrate his Dad's birthday.  I rested and did a few rounds of laundry.  The whole crew was home by 8 and we settled in for a quiet evening.
... This past weekend was a pretty good one.
How was your weekend?
Love & Luck,

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