Friday, March 3, 2017

My March Goals (Updating the Planner)

I don't want to over extend myself when it comes to the monthly goals this year.  I need to succeed. That is why you will find my goals list short, but achievable, and I can always add more as I cross off my list. Wow. That sounded really good.  However, in reality, I already have a list of carryovers:

January: Crochet pink sweater, Crochet 1 scarf and 1 hat. Read two books (I read one). I still need to complete the pink sweater, crochet 1 scarf and 1 hat and read 1 book.  What is not done is carried over to the next month.  I was however able to get Amelia to the docs, K's 6 weeks scheduled, take myself to the dentist and get health insurance for Amelia,

February: 1. Finish pink sweater; 2. Read two books (I read one); 3. crochet 1 scarf and 1 hat (I finished 1 hat); and 4. Schedule VA.
Scarf in progress
Okay, I read one book and postponed scheduling VA until I had more stuff.  Besides, February was a short month and I spent a good portion of it trying to beat myco-plasma pneumonia. No, I am not making excuses; I'm just sayin'. 
The carryovers:  finish pink sweater, read 3 books, crochet dozens of hats and scarfs (confused on the number now).

And here we are the 1st day of March.  In my planner To-Do List, I am listing:
1. Finish pink sweater.
2. Read two books. (Really four as that's how behind I am on my Goodreads Reading challenge.
3. Crochet 1 scarf.
4. Crochet 1 hat.
5. Schedule VA.
6. Schedule the kiddies wellness check-ups.
7. Do all the laundry on the third floor.
8. Put ALL the laundry away and not live out of the baskets.
9. Clean sweep the 2nd floor back room.  (MEANING: GET RID OF STUFF!)
10. Lose ten pounds.
and then there are the carryovers.  Sheesh.  I mean its just the first day of the third month and I am already drowning.  Someone throw me a lifesaver!

I guess I better stop listing and start doing.  Tune in next month to see what, if anything, has been accomplished!

HEY! What's on YOUR March To-Do-list???

Love & Luck,


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