Thursday, March 9, 2017

Looking forward to . . .

... I can tell you what I am not looking forward to this weekend - the 27/13 degree weather being forecast for Saturday.  WHY the weekend? Why not today, when I have to be in an office all day?! Wow! What a W-H-I-N-E-R! Ah, well, Spring really is right around the corner and we here in Pittsburgh really cannot complain about the weather, not after the mild winter we've experienced this 2016-2017 season. 

... and I can tell you that my previous plan of taking the kiddies into the City to watch the St. Paddy's Day parade has been frozen over.  Sorry, but I am not one to stand with half-naked men painted green in below freezing temps to watch a parade.  I'm not?  Wait, I might have done that once before. . .ahem.

... Okay, so what am I looking forward to this upcoming weekend?  Getting a jump on spring cleaning.  Sick, huh?  No, really.  I've downloaded The LWSL Spring Cleaning Journal (hurry, it's only free for 22 more days), printed off Smead Organomics' Spring Cleaning Checklist (check out their other printables, too, these are among my favorites), checked the cleaning supplies on hand, there's plenty (what does that maid do?!), bought plastic gloves and a new mop and am rearing to go. Even if I can't open the windows and let a summer breeze blow through.  Wait a minute, I think I have a Yankee Candle for that. 

    What are YOU looking forward to this coming weekend?

Love & Luck,

Please note that  I am not affiliated with LWSL, Smead Organomics or Yankee Candle, I just like their stuff.

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