Thursday, March 2, 2017

Four Fun Things to do in March

Below is our March bucket list.  The first two we have already done.  The last two are on our list.  
* In honor of Mardi Gras (it began February 28), bake a King Cake.  I made this for my kiddies last year (Amanda and crew stayed over, too).  The cake is now a new tradition; it’s here to stay.  Amanda whipped one up for Valentine’s Day using pink frosting and pink sugars. 
This recipe is the easiest, it’s so colorful and it is so, so yummy.  Try it.  
*While we are talking tradition, make a batch of Pot O Gold coins with the kiddies.  The boys had a good time dipping (and eating) the cookies.  We used a “witches cauldron” found at a Dollar Store, lined it with [Easter] grass and filled it with the gold coins (cookies).  Not only good eats, but a great decoration, too.
Take two Ritz crackers, spread peanut butter on one-half the cracker, top with the other half, dip into melted butterscotch chips.  Place on wax paper and cool.
~ recipe found in a Leisure Arts publication entitled “Gifts of Good Taste.”
*Start a container garden.  apartment therapy, Popular Mechanics and Burpeeeach have put out excellent articles on getting started.  Elliot wants to plant flowers, Kayla wants to grow herbs and I just want whatever I plant to grow.
*Take a walk.  Spring is just ahead of us.  Time to get out those walking shoes and explore the neighborhood.  If you are looking for fun ideas and a great way for children to learn, check out Penn State Extensions' Better Care Kid’s article, “Let’s Take a Walk.”  They detail five themes for walking and learning: 1) bird walk, 2) signs of spring walk, 3) home walk, 4) creature walk, and 5) great finds walk.  They also provide a .pdf of the article for convenience.  I am truly looking forward to taking Elliot for a walk.
What are your fun things to do in March?
Love & Luck,

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