Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Past Weekend

Currently here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the weather has been incredible.  I mean, it’s still WINTER, but the weather speaks SPRING.  This past weekend, my daughter, Amanda, and her two boys, Brendan (9) and Jacob (7) joined us for a two day sleep-over.  What a wonderful time we had!

Because I did not rake the leaves before the winter season began (what WINTER??), our front yard was at least eight inches deep in leaves, acorns and pine needles.  As a family, we all got at there and shoveled and swept those leaves into piles to be picked up later in the week.  What a difference!!

Then the boys got out the big wheels and scooters and rode up and down the block.  Later we took them to Frick Park to play and then to Pizza and Cream for, well, what else, pizza and ice cream.

After baths and snacks we settled down to watch a little tv.  It wasn’t too long before a few of us, ahem (me) headed off to bed.  Sunday, we finished the yard, Mom came in for lunch and a few rounds of Scattergories and Boggle.  K and kiddies left to spend a few days at Doug’s, Amanda and kiddies headed for home later in the evening.  I enjoyed the quiet, but only for a little bit, I love having my family around.  I am seriously so much more productive when they are all here.

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