Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This Past Weekend...

The past two weekends K and Amelia have gone to Doug's house leaving Elliot and I to play, play and play some more.
First we took a card table and made a "tent," which Elliot even napped in.  He was more excited to build a train track and play on top of the "tent."
We watched "Finding Dory" and "Monster, Inc." too many times to count.  We finally got out of the house for an afternoon with my Mom at Barnes & Noble.  Elliot picked a new game (can't remember the name) but it's a maze game.  It takes me about 20 minutes or more to build a maze, and seconds for him to go from start to finish. Not the way it's originally played, that would be too hard, so we adapted the play.  His current favorite game is Funny Bunny.  We played that lots of times, too.

I love the weekends and spending time with family.

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