Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Past Weekend. . .

Our little guy had a bad sprain over the weekend.  We spent Sunday at the ER.  He had gotten hurt at the park, but walked fine, played all day and evening Saturday with his uncles (ages 7 and 9) and seemed a-okay.  When we woke the next morning he couldn't put any weight on his left foot.  I'm not one to fool around, it was off to the ER for us.  One X-ray and a blue Pediasure Pop later, we were assured it was a sprain.  Elliot was given a dose of Tylenol and a little shoe/boot tied to his foot for support.

We settled in at home, I think most of us napped (what is it about hospital visits that just wear you out??).  Mister brought over pizzas for a little pre-game before the Steelers took on the Patriots.   Somewhere in the second quarter, a little voice asked if we could please watch Monsters University, It's like he knew.

By bedtime, our little guy was up and walking like nothing ever happened. The wonders of naps, Tylenol and animated movies.

Sad loss for the Steelers.

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