Thursday, January 12, 2017

Looking forward to....

Elliot was such a joy this past Christmas that I am finding myself totally excited for the next holiday we will celebrate.  When I should be devoting 100% of my time working on a brief (legal doc), my thoughts keep drifting to valentines, paper cones, dipping chocolate, Easter baskets, yellow peeps and jelly beans. Quick peeks at Pinterest have me anticipating the bus ride home when I can pour over the many wonderful crafts, mouth-watering recipes, inspirational quotes and entertaining ideas and lovely tablescapes, may of which will be pinned onto my holiday boards.  Being in such a creative mood lately, I am beyond excited to see so many adorable crocheted baskets, hearts, lambs, and egg cozies.  What a wonderful way to use up bits and pieces of leftover yarn.  This upcoming weekend, I am looking forward to spending time with Elliot, decluttering my room (VVA will be picking up donations on Wednesday), finishing the book I am reading, making progress on Amelia's sweater (introduction to Amelia forthcoming), and catching up on the laundry, if there is such a thing!
Whatever you are looking forward to this weekend, enjoy!

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