Friday, December 30, 2016


2016 - it was an okay year.  More peaceful than a few prior years though it still had its moments of drama.

Elliot has been a constant source of joy.  There is nothing that compares to seeing the world through a child's eyes.  A very happy child's eyes.  He astounds us everyday.  He is sooo, sooo loved.

A personal favorite from this past year was our STAYCATION.  I loved that week,  and it was a HOT week.  Kayla is a trooper and hung in there for everything (even when I went the wrong way - more than once).  I have no sense of all!

We did not get rich - not by a long shot, but we had ENOUGH.  Food, clothes, entertainment.

2016 has had me thinking more and wanting more and I don't mean more STUFF.  We are still working on getting rid of STUFF, going a bit minimalist.  Learning that less really is more.  I mean, I have realized goals I want to meet, changes I want to make and know I will have to work very hard to accomplish so much in 2017.  I've conferenced with K and A and we have agreed on "No more talking about it, now it's time to start DOING".

I met my GoodReads 2016 Reading Challenge.  I only chose 24 books and believe it or not, with my schedule, sometimes that was a stretch.  I will be upping that number this year. You can see the books I chose to read here.

My favorite TEDTalks for 2016 is Amy Tan's "Where Does Creativity Hide?"  You can see that here.

The catalytic converter fell out of my car last Friday night.  Thank goodness we hadn't driven too far and were able to get the car home safely (after picking its parts up off the street).

Last night we paid last respects to my Great Aunt Dee.  She was 89 and I will always remember her humor, and kindness and how she just loved the babies.  Rest in peace.

There have been many changes this past year at my workplace, but its all been good and I still love what I do and the people I work with.

My favorite movie seen in 2016 is Bridget Jones' Baby.  I saw this with my Mom and my daughter-in-law.

Oh, my fabulous 1950+ Kenmore Stove was red-tagged (leaking gas) and I've been without since summer.  I MISS MY OVEN.  A new one has been added to the very long list of things we need to replace and/or fix in 2017.

Speaking of 2017, I am ready and excited and will work to make change.

How was YOUR 2016?

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