Thursday, December 1, 2016

December │ Welcome

Thanksgiving was a quiet affair, good food, afternoon naps (too much taxiing), but quiet, peaceful.

Unfortunately, we have been suffering from virus/cold/flu for weeks! I am behind on my Countdown to Christmas, my blogging, shopping, gift-making and cleaning. However, this is a special month, filled with warmth, treats, good tidings and holiday joy.  We shall enjoy!

We saw our first "snowfall" on November 20th. Little E was so excited!  Here he is catching snowflakes on his tongue.  I have to tell you, children give a whole new meaning to each new season.  Celebrating Christmas this year is going to be totally awesome now that Little E is so much more aware of what to expect.

Last night we did a little more shopping.  Then we drove through the neighborhood to look at the lovely, lit-up houses.  Tonight, little E will get new shoes.  This weekend we plan to buy a tree, hang lights and decorate.

Cheers to this Holiday season!!!

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