Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Time is flying!  We are hosting a gender reveal party this weekend.  Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner next week and birthday and Christmas parties galore.  What a most festive and busy time of the year!!!
On to the Countdown.  We are now in week 3, here is what we need to do this week:
1. Continue shopping for gifts;
2. Update Christmas card list;
3. Purchase or order Christmas cards.  Or make them!
4. Make and freeze a batch of baked goods (unfrosted cookies, bars, quick breads);
5. Start collecting boxes and gift bags to use for gift wrapping, or buy a roll of brown mailing paper from the Dollar Store.  Gather paints, stickers, ribbon, trim and create your own gift wrap.
6. Start wrapping gifts as they are bought.
7. Finalize Thanksgiving dinner menu and entertainment plan.

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