Monday, October 10, 2016

This Past Weekend

This past weekend was lovely.  Friday night, Elliot and I dropped K off at Doug's house.  She was spending the night.  Then Elliot and I stopped at GE's Market District in Shadyside.  When it's later in the evening, I really like to stop at this location because it has indoor parking.  And it's always busy! Then the two of us went home, ate dinner, played, and cleaned the living room.  On Saturday, we slept in, then Mom came in and we drove over to the GE at the WaterWorks.  They were having a 2 for 1 deal on a lot of their meats which is good for me and Mom and we each cook for such small numbers.  Elliot played in the Eagle's Nest while we shopped and talked.  Afterward, we picked up Kayla and headed home for a porch picnic (a little cool).  Dad sent in a Cars themed scooter that Elliot took to right away.  He has ridden (and fell off) that scooter all weekend (inside and out).

Sunday was a perfect day for cozying up and catching up on our weekly shows.  Mister brought pizza for dinner.  Elliot visited with his Dad.  Kayla and I began our clean out of the second floor front room.  We scheduled a VA pick up for tomorrow and have quite a bit to donate and there is still more. Minimalism has never looked better, yet we still have quite a ways to get there.

The weather here is changing.  It's getting COLD!  On my list of things to buy this next paycheck are mittens!  I looked for a matching pair this morning and ended up with 1 purple, 1 black, 1 white and 1 brown mitten.  I paired the black with the purple (only wore them while driving).

Earlier this year, our carbon monoxide alarm went off and the gas company red tagged my much loved Kenmore 1950's gas stove/oven.  This is a terrible time to be without an oven.  No baking for the holidays??  We just got word that our health insurance took a 10% price increase - beginning this next paycheck - that's 1/3 of my take home pay.  No stove for us this year.  My Mom says you can bake in one of these (see below).  This week I am going to search the internet for [hopefully] proof and recipes.  Any suggestions, hints, tips??

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