Thursday, September 1, 2016

What I Like About September

Hello September!  and here in Pittsburgh, PA, it is a beautiful September 1.  As I walked through town to the office this morning, I regaled in the soft blue sky and crisp breeze.

I like September because it’s like a preamble to the New Year, like getting a jump start on what you’d like to change, a time of renewal.  School is back in session, new routines (and bedtimes) need to be put in place.  Fall is just a few weeks away, and with that comes fall baking, apple picking, high school football, changing leaves, cooler evenings, and new earthy scents, like drying leaves.

With school comes learning and we are never too old to learn.  If Shimelle’s Learn Something New Every Day project is a go this year, I will be participating.  I look forward to this each year.  Although I have fallen away from paper scrap-booking, but will participate by blogging the lesson and making it a part of Project Life.

This month we begin working inside the house.  With the upcoming New Year, a new bambino will be joining our family.  (could be a girl, but the little stinker had her/his legs cross and the cord in between, so the ultrasound was a bust to that extent) #revealpartyonhold.  We have three major rooms to complete, the dining room, Kayla’s room and Elliot’s room.  After those are in place, we can begin creating the nursery – funsville!

What do you like about September?

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