Monday, September 12, 2016

This Past Weekend...

Another wonderful weekend!  Friday, I drove K over to her fiancee's house.  They had a funeral to attend the next day.  Back home, Elliot and I cleaned the living room, watched the Angry Birds movie for the umpteenth time (Elliot watches parts, and plays the whole time the film is on), built and rebuilt train track designs, stayed up too late.
Saturday morning was cool, HOT in the afternoon and beyond,  Mom and I drove the Giant Eagle to pick up a few things.  Elliot, finally being old enough to enjoy the Eagle's Nest, played.  Afterward, we went home and enjoyed our customary porch picnic.  I think we have had a porch picnic most weekends this summer. I know we should be working inside the house, BUT there will be plenty of time when the weather turns.  Agreed???  Elliot had a full and busy day and was asleep by 9:00.  Me time? Ha, I was asleep shortly after.
Sunday, even prettier and cooler than Saturday, Elliot and I started the day with yoga. Then we picked K up and later were visited by Amanda and boys.  K ordered a pizza, the boys rode big wheels and played.  We girls talked and talked and talked. I got a lot of laundry washed.  Elliot feel asleep early again.  After a nice hot shower, I had to call it a night, too.  


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