Thursday, September 8, 2016

This Month's Focus: the Home

September marks the start of my most favorite months of the year, September, October, November, December.  Don't get me wrong, I HEART summer weather, the long days, the bluest skies, sandals and sundresses.  However, the next four months are the busiest, most fun filled and heartwarming months of the year ... in my opinion.  This month we will start with readying our home for the cooler weather to come.  This weekend, we will begin with the yard - hosing down the sandbox, water table, play tent and a few bikes, to be stored in the basement.  Then we will pull out a few fall decorations and re-do the front hall.  A trip to Yankee Candle is in order to check out the new fall scents.  Then to the shoe store, we all three need new shoes.  We will also be going through our clothes, Elliot definitely is going to need a whole new fall wardrobe (he's growing more each day).  Kayla and I will need to add a few pairs of pants and a couple of sweaters.
We will also be celebrating my Mom's 75th birthday (that's today!) and my parents' anniversary.
There is so much to do (and learn!) and I am excited to get started.

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