Monday, August 8, 2016

This Past Weekend . . .

v  Saturday, Kayla and Doug went shopping at the Waterfront.  Mom, Elliot and I went to the Festival in the Lane on Twelve Mile Island (a/k/a Maple Island).  I, duh, didn’t take a camera, not even my iphone, however, I did take a few pics with Mom’s that I need to upload.  Elliot swam in the river – he loves to swim! Jumped on a trampoline, played in a ball bouncy house, played on swings and slides and just had a fabulous day! 

v  Sunday morning – what a gorgeous morning it was!  On a whim, we piled into the car and drove up to Schramm’s Farms.  Kayla had once said that she’d like to go there more than just in October, so we did.  There was an abundance of corn in the cob and I love that Schramm’s idea of 1 dozen is 13 ears of corn.  We gave 7 to Elliot’s Dad and Parents which they cooked up for dinner and said was delicious.  We will be making ours tonight.  Schramm’s also has a Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe where we each purchased our favorite baked good.  Elliot wanted McDonald’s for lunch and then we dropped him off at his Dad’s for a visit. 

v  Elliot’s Dad let him ride a skateboard without a helmet.  He fell off and scraped the whole right side of his little face.  Accidents do happen, but prevention goes a long way.  Just sayin’

v  I finished reading The Killing Forest by Sarah  Blaedel and started The Girls by Emma Cline.  My Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge target is 24 books for this year, and I am currently on target. 

v  The check engine light came on in the car.  Can’t even imagine what that means.  Will be calling our mechanic later today.

What was on your agenda for this past weekend?


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