Thursday, July 14, 2016

Looking Forward To . . .

. . . nine glorious days away from the office!  As you can see from yesterday's post, we are gearing up for a Staycation.  Tonight we begin to cross off the many to-dos on our pre-Staycation list, i.e., gather ALL trash and put out for tomorrow's pick-up, gather ALL dirty clothes, towels, blankets, sort and carry down to laundry area, start laundering, make grocery list, shop, prepare quick dinners for the week, clean out car, then pack car with totes, blankets, extra pillows, garbage bags, etc. for the many road trips we will be taking, make lots of ice, stop at Bank for cash, print out directions... wait - this is a vacation??!  LOL!  Anyway, that's part of the list.  My brain is swimming with all that needs to be done to have a really GREAT week.  Hope you have lots to look forward to!!!!

Peace and Love,



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