Thursday, June 2, 2016

Looking Forward To... and a Hall Tour

... this weekend, I am looking forward to just hanging around the house, doing some yard work, continuing the "spring cleaning" and decorating for the warmer months.
This is our entryway.    

We washed down the walls, swept, and dusted. We are decorating with an Americana theme.
I'm so into red, white and blue this season and I love how this area looks.
We are also enjoying fresh fruits, salads, porch picnics (when its NOT raining) and making our yard a child's paradise (we just bought a decent size pool!).
I don't think we bought anything new as decorations.  We are good at "shopping" in other rooms and re-purposing items throughout the house.
The front door needs painted.
So many shadows.
That's the entrance.  Too many times, there are piles of laundry waiting to go down to the basement, cartons of pop and water and SHOES! OMGOSH the SHOES!  But right now, it's lovely.

What are you looking forward to this coming weekend?

Have a good Thursday!

Living the Life,


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