Friday, June 3, 2016

Five for Friday and Highlights of Our Week

This past week the afternoons were HOT and the evenings were cooler and RAINY!  Oh, wait the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival begins today.  Hence, the RAIN!  If you are going to the Festival, here is a handy daily schedule. But I digress, back to the highlights of our week.
Amanda kept Elliot Friday and took the boys to the park.
Too hot for clothes.
Elliot showed us his "mean" face,
and his happy face.
Silliness at the ER (for K, she's fine).

We had porch picnics, mowed the lawn, put up a temporary pool, played in the sandbox, shopped Trader Joe's, Sam's Club and 380 auction, Lunched at Dairy Queen.  Elliot got a new pair of shoes, clothes and, of course, toys.  K got two new dresses and a nightie.  I got new sandals, a shirt and a nightie.  AND we bought a pool - not too big, but one with a filter that won't need dumped every other day.  We are ready for SUMMER!
And yet there's so much more to do...

Enjoying every minute - intentionally!

Living the Life,


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