Monday, April 25, 2016


This month has totally gotten away from me.  Changes at home.  Changes at work.  It's been a very busy, hectic, wonderful to be here season.
We celebrated Elliot's 3rd birthday.  Three, already! He is pure joy.
Adopted a Chi-Weenie into our little family.  He fits perfectly with us.
With Elliot's lead in blood levels reading an eight for the second time in three months, we've had a visit from The Allegheny County Health Department.  While they were more about safety tips than reducing lead (basically, cover all floors, paint all surfaces (thank you Dad for paneling most rooms), wet-dust often), they brought lots of cleaning aids and safety goodies.  They said that not often does lead poisoning come from tap water (um, have you heard of Flint???), it's more from lead paint dust found in floor boards and wood trim, especially in a house as old as ours.  Soooo, Saturday, Mom and I washed the living room from ceiling to floor (seriously), laundered curtains, washed windows and floors. Swept. Sunday, I did the same in the dining room.  Two rooms down, 8 more to go.  It's seriously good and the rooms look and smell clean.  We are taking Spring Cleaning by storm this year.
I've been reading like crazy, working like nobody's business and just enjoying the every day.  And that's what's been going on around here, lately.
How is your April??????
Loving life,


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