Thursday, March 31, 2016


Wow! It's hard to believe that this is the last day of March, 2016. Did we not just celebrate the New Year?! Here in Pittsburgh, our Spring is off/on.  Temps in the 70s one day, in the 30’s the next.  We take advantage of the warmer days and stay indoors on the cooler ones.  March has seriously just flown by for me (the poor number of blog posts can attest to that), however, it’s been a very busy month.  Here, the highs and lows:
·        The only lows I can think of are 1) the awful virus K and I came down with at the beginning of the month (seriously, took out about half the office staff, too); and 2) always being a dollar short (but that’s every month);
·        A super high: my weekend in New York City (I heart NY!);
·        Amanda and the boys staying over, making wreaths, painting canvases, cooking up pot of gold treats;
·        Dyeing eggs with the kiddies on Good Friday;
·        Celebrating Easter;
·        K and I learning to cook new dishes (thanks HelloFresh); and
·        The promise of blue skies and lots of sunshine yet to come.

I am taking a personal day today as both K and E have doctor’s appointments this afternoon.  We plan on grocery shopping and errand running and really getting a lot done today so as to free up our schedules for this coming weekend (for which I currently have no plans, except for tackling a mountain of laundry and washing floors).

How was YOUR month?

Joy & Blessings,


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