Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fabulous Easter weekend!  I had Good Friday off, so Mom and Amanda and her boys, along with Kayla and Elliot and I got together for lunch and egg dying.
It's a Family Affair
Saturday, sadly after breakfast, I was hit with a miserable migraine and had to go back to bed.  What a wasted day!!!!
Sunday, however, the weather was GLORIOUS! and I felt so much better.
The Easter Bunny was here!
Not sure E fully understands but he liked the goodies in his basket.
In his Easter finery.
Elliot went to his Dad's for the afternoon, K went to Doug's.  My son Jayme came in and we had a lovely afternoon together.  K started putting together this treehouse, seesaw, slide and Jayme finished it.  Elliot loves it.

It was a most lovely, and enjoyable Easter holiday.

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