Monday, January 11, 2016


Again, I hope your holiday was happy!  I’ve been filling my 2016 planner up with important dates, updating contact information, penciling in workouts, making time for creative work, cleaning my bedroom and packing away any holiday decorations that were missed during the first sweep last week.  We’ve been very lucky here in Pittsburgh, no snow accumulation, but it appears the cold air is settling in, so I am revamping my closets, putting together a capsule of winter clothes and packing the lighter items away, donating what has not been worn (or can’t be worn at this time #atetoomuch), dressing the bed with clean sheets and changing the bedspread to a heavier weight.  Keeping only what I truly love, cleaning out the clutter, laundering the curtains, adding new Yankee Candles (Christmas presents!) to the bedside table and making the room as cozy and inviting as possible.   I love my room, its my favorite room in the house and I enjoy spending time there.  

What about YOU? How was your weekend? What’s your favorite room in your house?

Warmly! Trish 

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