Tuesday, January 26, 2016


As with most of the East Coast this past weekend, we got snow.  Not as much as parts of Latrobe which got around 24 inches, or North Huntington which recorded around 14 inches.  But enough to make snow angels in, to frolic and play and to be "snowed in" for the day (totally needed!!).  The snow wasn't hard packing snow so we could not make snowmen, but we were able to cross off a few to-do's from our winter bucket list.  After our afternoon of playing outside and shoveling walks, K's friend Kai came and spent most of the day into evening.  The girls rented movies, we made popcorn and I had hot cocoa and then I set to cleaning the kitchen.  A totally satisfying day.

Sunday, we woke to a lovely sunny morning and no butter and no eggs.  Not having the car back from the garage (radiator needs replaced) means a walk to the store which is about, oh, maybe six city blocks.  I dressed Elliot warm, put on two sweaters (I knew I'd be carry him on and off) and grabbed a back pack.  The walk was fun as Elliot made snow angels along the way and tried to walk through the larger drifts.  There was no wind which made out outing so much more enjoyable.  Back home, we cooked up a meal. Apparently, the walk and fresh air wore the little guy out as he took to "Gigi's room"  (mine) and fell asleep.  What a wonderful idea! I climbed in beside him and we napped the afternoon away.  In the evening, we had french toast for dinner, bathed, read, played and watched a little t.v.  Kayla visited with Kai at Kai's house most of the day. 

Seriously, I could use a few more weekends like this one.  
Warmly! Trish 

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