Tuesday, January 5, 2016

REFRESH - 2016

It’s the beginning of a New Year.  Time to sweep out the old and bring in the new.  Time to refresh our homes, our wardrobes, our meal plans.

It doesn’t take too much time, effort or money to refresh rooms in your home.  Probably the biggest expense would be if you were to buy a new bedspread, unless you store and rotate extra bedspreads.  My Mom has one (or two) for each season.  Making the bed up with clean sheets and a “new” comforter does wonder for the bedroom.  Add a new plant and your favorite scented candle and you’ve made magic.

For the bathroom, how about a new a bathmat, fluffy towels, and decorative bath soaps, all in a new color.

Organize the kitchen, add a new throw rug, hang new dishtowels, clean out the fridge.  Put fresh flowers in a vase.  Add more green plants. 

In the dining room, change out the table linens and centerpiece.

It’s so wonderfully easy to liven up a room just by adding a new pillow, or changing the curtains or couch covers.  These are easy "fixes".  Believe me, I have a huge master list of major projects that need tending to, but for now, refreshening a room will help keep the winter doldrums away.

This week, I will be working on freshening up the bedroom (my favorite go to place).  Do you have plans for freshening up your home?


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