Thursday, January 21, 2016

Looking forward to . . .

Elliot, catching snowflakes, January 12, 2016
... the National Weather Service is predicting 2 - 4 inches of snow for this weekend.  Not a whole lot but enough for us to cross off a few items from our Winter Bucket List.  Besides, Elliot got new snow boots last week (thanks, Grandma Patti) that need broken in.  We'll be wrapping him up in his leggings, winter coat, hat, mittens, boots and, if the wind isn't too harsh, treating him to an afternoon of mural painting (spray bottles filled with water and a few dashes of food coloring), sled riding, and making snow angels.  Our last mini-snow fall a week or two ago, Kayla was able to cross of build a snow man and catching snowflakes with your tongue

... mugs of hot cocoa after our winter play

... cooking up a big pots of soup and chili

... baking bread and maybe even a batch of snickerdoodles

... snuggling under homemade crocheted afghans (thanks, Janet) and cuddling, watching, maybe the Minions for the 400th time, reading The Little Blue Truck and a few of Elliot's other favorites

... enjoying being snowed in for a day

This is what I am looking forward to this weekend (oooh, pick up milk!).  

What are you looking forward to?

Warmly! Trish 

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