Monday, February 1, 2016


February, the month of love, of comfort, of getting cozy. Unlike past Februaries, this one is coming in like its Spring. Unusual and a bit worrisome. Well, we shall enjoy it while it lasts. Here's what's happening on our homefront as we welcome February.

Watching: The Outsiders. 
Reading: A Woman's Place by Barbara Delinsky and Love Style Life by Garance Dore.
Drinking: Fruition Tropical Fruit.
Looking forward to: a fun month filled with Valentines, and frosted heart shaped sugar cookies.
I am so excited for this month. We are continuing to make progress on cleaning out the room that will be Elliot's. Kayla is making plans to paint her room. We are planning a Florida vacation later this year. I'm in a spring cleaning mood and going with it. Amanda and her boys are coming over for a weekend stay. So much good going on. And there's an extra day this month to help get it all done. 
What about you? What have you planned for this month of love?

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