Friday, November 6, 2015

Ten Reasons to Love November

November here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has come in like a lamb.  The weather is gorgeous!!  This morning at 5:50 a.m. it was a balmy 64 degrees.  I just wore a light sweater to the office.  While this sort of weather won’t last, we are enjoying it right now.

I like Thanksgiving.  I do; and while I like spending time with my whole family (that includes nieces/nephews and their young ones), I like that Thanksgiving is just a small affair for us.  Oh, I still cook up a fairly large turkey and all the yummy sides, but it’s a much more relaxing day with just a few of us. 

Thanksgiving, a time for reflection and thankfulness.  A time for counting your blessings.  Here’s what I love about the month of November.

1.         Thanksgiving dinner (of course)!

2.         Sweeping the falling leaves into piles and (this year) Elliot jumping in them – that was just last night.

3.         Christmas cactuses are beginning to bloom.

4.         Fall scented candles – such as Yankee Candles Sugar & Spice and Vanilla Bourbon.

5.         Family traditions.

6.         Preparing for Christmas.

7.         Wearing super-soft sweaters.

8.         The Thanksgiving Day Parade.

9.         The scent of lit fireplaces in the air.

10.       Counting our blessings.

What are your reasons for loving November?



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