Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yankee Candle: New Favorite Scents for the Autumn Season

Fall is in the air and exciting coupons are in the mail – Yankee Candle Coupons, Buy one, Get one Free, that is, AND the BONUS – this adorable candy dish for $10.00 (with a purchase of $35.00).  So cute, we got two! 

Not only are these candles burned consistently in my home, my Mom is super fond of giving these delightful, best smelling scents as gifts (lucky us!!).  Believe me we always have a few tucked away for that last minute gift or a just in case moment.
A weekend or so ago, coupons in hand, we ventured to the Yankee Candle Store at the Waterfront.  We oohed, ahead and smelled all the new scents, rating each one and picking our favorites.  Mine and Kayla’s fall favorite is Harvest, Mom liked the Vanilla Bourbon though she will forever be a number one fan of the Buttered Rum.  We also picked up an Apple Cider, Sugar n' Spice and an Autumn in the Park and then we went home to begin decorating for Halloween tucking candles into every nook and cranny (okay, not every nook and cranny). 

Do you burn candles in your home? What are your favorite scents?


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